The National Bank of Uzbekistan has been co-operating with TUNE Consulting since 2009. Сonsultants of TUNE Consulting have implemented a number of projects in both providing advisory services and deployment of local developments:

National Bank of Uzbekistan T24 Upgrade Project (from release of G13 to R08)

The full upgrade project was completed on time and to budget, and included the technical upgrade, data migration, implementation of several new core modules, as well as custom development of new functionality requested by NBU. The upgrade brought real-time interfaces, extreme usability, high performance, excellent productivity for configuration and deployment of modular components.

National Bank of Uzbekistan T24 Rollout Project

Temenos T24 is highly scalable (both functional and geographical) core banking system. High scalability allowed TUNE Consulting to fulfill roll out of T24 to 43 branches of NBU by November 2015. Every month 2 new branches of NBU begin to use T24 as core banking system. TUNE Consulting plans to cover 93 branches of the bank till the year of 2017.


Interface between T24 and State Tax Committee

TUNE Consulting built an interface with State Tax Committee to process customer’s debts from Tax committee, State budget and other entities.


New Local Clearing and Local Payments Module

TUNE Consulting developed “NLC” module for T24 which allowed to process secured payments within NBU and with other Banks of Uzbekistan. NLC payments use secured key for encrypting and authentication. “NLC” module of T24 allowed real time reconciliation and monitoring of clearing account.


Visa Travel DMS

Visa Travel Document Management System is a system used to track, manage and store digital documents of customers applications to issue VISA Travel Card. It allows shortening the review and approval time of new VISA card issuing.


Kartoteka II – Due Payments List

New Local development in T24 allows Kartoteka II listed customers to be monitored online and to produce auto transactions.



Local Card Payments Processing in T24 had been developed.


Besides National Bank of Uzbekistan our consultants took part in several projects in CIS region: Kazakhstan, Russian Federation, Georgia and Azerbaijan. Some of our projects in Azerbaijan includes:

Accessbank, Azerbaijan. T24 Implementation project

The local development “AZIPS, XOHKS Domestic Payment Systems messages in T24” functional specification and testing of the local development.


Expressbank, Azerbaijan. T24 Implementation project

T24 Implementation Project

Teller and Funds Transfer modules of T24: Analysis, Build, Local Developments and User Acceptance Test held by TUNE Consulting.

Optimization and GAP analysis of T24.

Most of tasks which are covered by local developments replaced with core functionality and most of the GAPs covered by local developments. Nearly 50% of time and cost saved compared to initial estimations of project.

Loan Origination and Annuity Schedules for Loans

LO and Annuity schedules for Loans had been developed by our consultants. Loan Origination is a comprehensive & flexible loan initiation system which helps Expressbank in streamlining the loan application process, automating the decisions, increasing productivity, reporting capability and enhancing the loan tracking process. Loan origination administers complete loan processing cycle.


Mobile application for Banks:



NBU mobile application
Ipak Yo'li Mobile

Ipak Yo'li Mobile

Ipak Yuli bank mobile application


Invest Finance bank mobile application


KDB mobile application


Kapital bank mobile application


SQB mobile application