Team Profiles

Our People is our strategy. Our team is growing dynamically by both attracting best people in the core banking arena and investing in young talented professionals with banking and IT experience.


PM has more than 10 years experience of managing and leading complex IT projects. Since 2007 he has been managing different facets of Banking IT initiatives including core banking, business process modeling and business intelligence programmes.

His professional skills can be summarized as effective multitasking, team-work and team leadership, strong analytical skills.

In his last assignment he has led 2 complex correlated and interdependent programmes simultaneously by effectively managing all parties involved in these projects: Bank C-Level stakeholders; Bank IT; Bank business departments; 2 vendors and their partner teams; and the project office team.

He is charismatic and brings with him sense of exclusivity from true “intelligentsia”.

PM/LBA has more than 14 years’ overall experience in banking and related IT projects.

Since 2003 he is involved in T24 projects. Since then he gradually moved from super user status to manager of business support of T24 and then as consultant and PM.

When dealing with him clients feel the confidence. And they appreciate it!

PM/TBC has 9 years’ overall experience in banking and related IT projects. Since 2003 he has been participating in T24 implementation projects as, first, Super User, then Trainer and Consultant and Team Leader/Project Manager. He joined TUNE Consulting as mature professional in banking and IT arena combining Banking knowledge, T24 consultancy and Leadership attitude. Clients will benefit not only those professional qualities but his personal DRIVE to excel on top of all.

Overall more than 14 years of experience in banking and related core banking projects in Uzbekistan, Russia, Kazakhstan, UAE and UK.

As certified T24 Business Consultant he delivers a unique combination of business consultancy (covering Payments and Teller areas) backed up with his ability to perform technical consultancy to deliver enhancements in T24 via local developments.

His banking experience help him speak the language that his counterparts from banks do and easily translate their requirements into T24 language.

Guru has more than 9 years’ overall experience in banking and related IT projects. Since 2002 he has been participating in T24 implementation projects. And since then he has become known to T24 arena as simply lending “guru”.

She has more than 15 years of experience in Banking and Banking IT projects in Uzbekistan, Russia and Kazakhstan..

As banker she worked at the heart of the bank by developing business procedures and accounting schemes for all banking products and processes..

Similarly in all her T24 projects she was at the focal points of these projects by implementing T24 accounting schemes in different countries.

He has more than 7 years experience of leading technical works in T24 from development of enhancements, involving full universal banking modular package of T24, to delivery of complex projects like upgrades and development of new sub-modules local to T24.

As manager of technical support team he has grown with valuable quality of leading subordinate teammates under time, quality and delivery pressure.

He has more than 9 years experience of developing and supporting T24 and other banking systems.

His hands on technical experience in other banking systems (Visa and ABRAXSYS) emphasizes his best value to T24 projects not only in technical enhancements but also in building complex interfaces with T24.